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Value, value and value

Value is an interesting word.

It's definitely overused in Sales. In our prospecting, in our client meetings, and in our sales collateral, all we talk about is driving value. Real value takes a bit of work though. Not everybody is willing to do the work which ends up creating one or all of the scenarios below..

  • Prospects ghost us
  • We win deals but WAY below the true $$$ value
  • We have below average customer retention
  • Marketing material doesn't land because it appears to be "know it all" blah blah nonsense

We are making our lives so hard.

Try doing this today to make your life easier when managing your prospects and dealing with existing pipeline.

Here's a "make my life easier" checklist


  1. Do I know what the prospects priorities are?
  2. Do I know what the prospect wants to achieve by focusing on these specific priorities? (quantitative).
  3. Do I know what achieving this will mean for specific prospect(s)?

Example: there's a difference between "We want to grow our customer base by 20% this year" and "We want to grow our customer base by 20% this year in order to increase our marketshare and investment opportunities. As Head of Strategy, I have helped 2 previous companies do this so I'm looking for a hattrick here."


  1. Have I shown the prospect that I understand their priorities?
  2. Have I clearly articulated how I can help the prospect reach the goals associated with their current priorities?
  3. Have I built consensus with the prospect on what is required from them in order to reach their goals and objectives?
  4. Has the prospect agreed to investing or at least, considering the anticipated requirements (their investment, time, money, effort, resources) in order to meet those goals with me/my company?

The above is the bare minimum that you need to know all the time, in order to deliver value to a prospect.

Put simply, value is achieved when a prospect is given something to consider (your products, services, options) that is important or beneficial enough to be worth spending time, money, effort and resources on to reach an intended outcome.

If we don't know what their priorities are then we dont know what's important to them

If we don't know what they want to achieve by focusing on these priorities then we don't know how to help them establish the WORTH of engaging with us long-term to help them reach their desired outcomes.

Keep investing in your ability to really establish REAL value for a prospect and you will have better discussions and stronger pipeline.

Let me know how you get on.