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That one meeting you're not booking

Another thing that seems like a no-brainer that hardly anyone does (according to research I conduct in my head) is meet regularly with a CSM in their business.

I don't mean the regular client show and tell for flagship customers. I'm refering to those under the bonnet "keep it real with me" 1-1 discussions.

You think you know stuff, but they usually know things that will help you save a significant amount of time and make you more money - win win!

They are paid to know everything that's going on inside their book of business. There's a goldmine of information there if you just ask the right questions.

In my experience, CSMs and Account Directors know;

  1. Who’s really using and benefiting from your products and services
  2. The types of companies that churn
  3. The questions key clients are asking
  4. The features people are requesting
  5. The challenges your key persona’s are experiencing
  6. Typical product/service usage - the most prominent features
  7. The core use cases and how they’ve evolved over time
  8. How your ICP uses your products and services in conjunction with others
  9. Competitor knowledge - a small % of clients will review the market at every renewal
  10. Best and worst customer ROI
  11. Anecdotes, testimonials and case studies of all clients even if they're not approved for external usage
  12. How accounts have grown over time and the process the business took to expand them
  13. Which personas own the budget for your type of products and solutions
  14. Where you should be focusing your energy

Don’t get caught up in the “but they’re not salespeople,” nonsense. Securing large, career-defining deals takes teamwork. Lean on your CSM team to gather insights that will help you move deals forward or out.

Bring CSMs into early calls to give prospects the opportunity to ask about existing clients. CSMs typically have a non-salesy, matter of fact way of sharing how other clients get value from solutions. It’s a great good cop/bad cop dynamic and can act as a great deal accelerator.

Let me know how you get on.