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Problems prospects ignore

Problems prospects ignore

Something that I find a little odd...

Today's sales environment tends to encourage sales reps to focus on finding people who are "in market" for a solution that their company provides. However, not all of us have the luxury of selling a product to a company who is already considering a solution like ours. Whilst that sounds glorious,  we need to be a bit more tactical in how we identify opportunities, close deals, and subsequently make money.

Remember people will find money to solve a problem that allows them to reach the outcomes that they desire faster.

The outcomes that most companies desire are going to either generate revenue or help them to retain revenue, so it’s our jobs as sales people to help create pockets of priority inside a business.

What are pockets of priority? (another Hannaherism)

Well it's a short list of relatively low impact, latent frustrations that go unadressed for long periods of time, but then become "quick wins" for a business.

They go unaddressed because prospects can usually still achieve some or part of their desired outcomes and they haven't usually assessed the impact of fixing the problem by 10, 20 or even 50%.

We have to create these "pockets of priority" by becoming experts at the things that our prospects care about. Here's a little guidance on ways you can uncover these hidden opportunities.

Internal work

Go speak to your CSMs and find out the top 3 reasons companies choose to work with you

Research the top industry themes that will be impacting your ideal customer profiles right now.

Check 3-4 job descriptions of the key persona's you target - what themes can you uncover? What are people now looking for in terms of skills for these roles? What are your key personas being hired to do?

External work

Raise the awareness of a frustration -  leaders like you typically focus on X, the challenge that affects this is Y, did you know that by doing Z, you can achieve your objective with very little effort?

2.   Make this frustration a problem - it's easy to ignore because let's face it, you're still able to get part of the way there. But over the course of a year, only a select few recognise that they lose X amount of time, opportunity, money, resources, competitive market share etc

3.   Convert it to a priority - with the focus being X this year, you may not have considered how Z can actually get you closer to your goals with a 10% shift in the way you're currently doing things.

Whilst your pipeline may not be where you need it to be, there are prospects out there pulling their hair out because they do now know that there is an easier way for them to get through their day and achieve their outcomes.

Let's go help them out.

Let me know how you get on.