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Who would've thought that rambling on about B2B sales for a year could land me a position as a Top Voice in the space?

I wanted to share the news with you as someone who has been supporting my ramblings for a little while. The mission to impact the career paths of 1000's more sellers has to continue!

My biggest observation about people who want to do better in sales is this;

  1. You have the readers,  watchers & listeners
  2. You have the action takers

Week to week I challenge the reps I work with by asking them what they've implemented (I dont have access to everyone's calls). I ask them because when they walk me through the interactions they have with prospects, I can see VERY clearly that there's been a lof of "listening" and less action taking.

You can't change your entire mindset over night but you can make tiny changes to how you approach your role everyday to see better more consistent results.

We have to get comfortable trying new things.

What will you try this week?