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Finding hidden opportunities

Finding hidden opportunities

Every prospect has a ton of issues. Things that they’re not quite happy with. Things that aren’t quite working well. Processes that are a little bit broken. But there’s always one, or possibly three, that are really creating problems today. We need to go find them.

These problems have reached a point where a prospect can no longer do the things  that they are required to do in order to fulfill the objectives of the role that they’re being paid for. The consequence of this is a snowball effect on the wider business.

It's the thing that is going to move the the needle the most, and get them closer to their desired outcome in the fastest and most effective way that is going to catch their attention.

There's an easy way to connect the dots. Do this often enough and you'll build your confidence when speaking with decision makers.

Here's the Hannah equation (giggles)

MACRO + MICRO + THEM + US = a commitment to learn more


What is going on in the world?


Now I know what's going on in the world, how does it affect the industries and personas that I care about?


Now I know what's going on in the world and have a good underestanding of how it affects the people and companies that I care about, what are my key prospects focused on today? More specifically, what role do my key persona's play in helping their company reach their desired outcomes? What issues are they likely to have?


The world events are...

This is causing industry X to focus on...

For this reason, my target markets strategy is..

The persona's role in that strategy is....

We have this solution that helps this individual overcome the hurdles/frustrations that exist in their role today....

... so they can help their company execute on their strategy

...that will keep them ahead of their industry (micro),

...and allow them to succeed in this current environment (macro).

If you don't invest time in doing the research you will have to work twice as hard as the other salesperson who is taking the time to become experts in their field and obtain the status of a Trusted Advisor.

Let me know how you get on.