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2022 Pipeline Checklist - 5 things to do this week

2022 Pipeline Checklist - 5 things to do this week

Here’s a few ways that you can get ahead of your deals for 2022!!!

  1. Confirm your prospect’s financial year end -  this is something that you should’ve done already but if you don’t know it make sure you do it as soon as possible. This helps you understand where they are in their planning v.s taking action process, and you can plan your next steps more accurately.
  2. Understand when your prospects will be having their new year/new quarter kick off. During these meetings or sessions, companies will typically reassess priorities and finalise their plans for the months ahead. A good question to ask is, “On a scale of 0 to 10 what is the likelihood of this particular project getting pushed or getting delayed due to competing priorities?”
  3. Confirm the DMU - confirm the structure of the team. Who's left? Who joined? What changes are coming up? Is there going to be a new Director? Are there pending leadership positions open that the business is looking to fill? You want to find out what these potential changes could mean for your existing discussion. What is the impact if any?
  4. Ask a bold question - “Looking at the main steps involved in us working together, where do you see the biggest hurdles or potential bottlenecks?"
  5. Update prospects on specific changes - remember you are peers with your prospect. If there are genuine changes happening in your organisation - for example, a restructure, new leadership or a new process, then that is a valid reason to speak with your prospect and keep them informed.  You may be surprised by the things they end up sharing due to your open nature.

Doing these 5 things this week will put you in a better position to manage the risks inside your pipeline, build credibility with key stakeholders and give you confidence in your forecasts.

Oh yes, I almost forgot - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Let me know how you get on.