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10 ish questions you should be asking MORE during your sales engagements

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Happy new month! It might be the start of the quarter for some and the end of the quarter for others! Wishing you the best of luck either way. Back to the sales sauce...

Your organization probably has qualification criteria like BANT or MEDDPICC/MEDDICC or a discovery framework that you use to understand if an opportunity is solid. Here’s a few additional questions you can add to uncover some real gems.

  1. What do the circumstances need to be for you to consider exploring/reviewing /changing how you approach dealing with…problem/challenge/opportunity?
  2. Who in your team or organisation can put a complete stop to this engagement? What would be a reason they may cite for doing so?
  3. Who else in the organisation is currently reviewing ways to approach this issue/challenge/opportunity?
  4. What made your business choose the incumbent solution? And what were you hoping to achieve/solve?
  5. Which strategic objective is the success of this program tied to? (do your research before asking this)
  6. How has the business gone about researching the market for potential partners? What has been the shortlisting criteria thus far?
  7. When was the first time the business identified this issue/challenge/opportunity?
  8. What has been done so far to address this issue/challenge/opportunity?
  9. If you could list 5 people inside your business unit/org... who would care most about making a positive change to how you currently do X?
  10. If we do get the opportunity to work together, what would you ideally like to see in the first 6 months? From our team, our solution, results?

Let me know how you get on. My personal favourite is number 1!

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